2019 Hunter Orientation

2019 Hunter Orientation

Outdoor Recreation - Sportsman Road 5139 Redstone Arsenal 35898 Google Map

Redstone Arsenal MANDATORY hunter orientation.

This class is a requirement for new and returning hunters.


Thursdays:                          Saturdays:

Aug 29                               Aug 31

Oct 3                                  Oct 5

7 Nov                                 Nov 2

Mar26 (2020)                     Dec 21

Time:                                 Time:

1630                                  1030

Location:                           Location:

Heiser Hall,                     Outdoor Recdreation

3712 Patton Road            5139 Sportsman Drive


Items required to hunt on Redstone Arsenal (Hunters must have items 1 -5 before they can purchase a Redstone Permit)

1. Alabama State Hunting License

2. Any States Hunter Education Certificate (more information can be found regarding local classes at www.outdoorAlabama.com

3. Redstone Arsenal Hunter Orientation

4. Redstone Arsenal Weapon Permit for all shotguns and muzzloaders

5. All Contractors must have signed Contractor Employment form. 


All persons who desire to hunt on Redstone Arsenal must have completed a State-certified Hunter Education Class. No one is grandfathered from this Regulation. Information on state classes is available at www.outdoorAlabama.com. Local information is available at www.RedstoneMWR.com or (256)876-HUNT (4868)



No charge is required for the class for those who wish to hunt on RSA. 

Redstone Hunting Permit - $50.00

Registration Info

No registration required!