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Flying Activity

The Flying Activity Center is open!


 Please call to coordinate your flight lessons and to receive further operational guidance. 

Open 24/7 for Pilot Members

For more information, test, and documents, visit us here.

Redstone Arsenal Flying Activity is northern Alabama’s premier Flying Club where those individuals lucky enough to be in the authorized patron category can learn to fly or take their already hard-earned rating to a higher level.

Redstone Arsenal's Flying Activity offers safe, low-cost flying lessons, professional Certified Flight Instructors, pilot-related equipment, and services to our patrons.

We have a very low traffic 7,200-foot runway and a manned control tower (daylight hours).

The goal is to be your first choice and to continue our journey to becoming a world-class flying club. We train the best pilots out there by providing the best instructors, facilities, and aircraft in one of the best training environments in the world. We ensure our graduates possess the skills, knowledge, and confidence necessary to fly and compete in the demanding and ever-changing world of aviation.

Aviators all over the world will tell you that there are two types of people in this world- those who desire to fly and those that do not. If you are in the former category, then you have more than likely had the desire since early childhood. Why not just do it?

  • (1) Cessna 182RG
  • (1) Cessna 182
  • (1) Piper Arrow
  • (6) Cessna 172
  • (3) Cessna 152
Membership and Rates

Administrative Rates

Membership also includes the MWR Membership Services Discount Card benefits



Initiation Fee $30 (one time fee)
Dues $35 (per month)

Private Aircraft Tie Down Fee - $35 per month

Aircraft Rates (Per Hobbs Meter Hour)

*Rates include fuel provided by the RAFA. Reimbursement for fuel will be at the RAFA's cost. (Receipt required)



Cessna 152 (3 Available) $107
Cessna 172 (N52057) $131
Cessna 172 (N5697E) $131
Cessna 172 (N9791F) $131
Cessna 172 (N984SP) $131
Cessna 172 (N871CP) $131
Cessna 172 (N739VE) $131
Cessna 182RG (N736ZX) $173
Cessna 182 (N1298M) $160
Piper Arrow  $155

Instruction Rate

$40 per flight hour Private Pilot Training (based on Hobbs Meter)

$40 per flight hour Instrument PilotTraining (based on Hobbs Meter)

$40 per flight hour Commercial Pilot Training (based on Hobbs Meter)

$40 per flight hour CFI/CFII Training (based on Hobbs Meter)

A percentage of this rate may also be assessed at the Instructor's discretion for time spent during pre-flight and post flight briefings, checkouts, etc. (Per SOP at least 3)

Classroom Instruction Rates

Ground School




Private Pilot $153 $150 $303
Instrument Pilot $170 $160 $330
  • The cost of ratings depends on schooling and flying hours required at the individual
  • Most pilot supplies can be purchased through our resale function, at a very competitive rate

More Recreation

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