Automotive Skills Center

Starting Tuesday, May 26th, the Automotive Skills Center will be OPEN for authorized patrons (does not include Recreation Visitor Badge Holders).  Please call the facility to receive further operational guidance.


We look forward to seeing you!


Hours of Operation

Monday Closed
Tuesday 9 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Wednesday 9 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Thursday 9 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Friday 9 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Saturday 9 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Sunday Closed


Entac Circle
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The purpose of the Automotive Skills Center is to promote self-reliance and skills development for individuals. Skills learned are transferable to many military specialties. It provides a safe work area, with proper equipment, and provides for a clean environment while providing a method for significant cost reduction for personal automotive maintenance.

Overview of Services

The Automotive Skills Center provide facilities, tools, equipment, diagnoses, and instructions to the patron for maintenance and repair of personal motor vehicles on U.S. Army installations worldwide.

We instruct and assist in automotive maintenance and repairs from oil changes to replacing engines. Patrons pay user fees for classes and to use work bays, special use tools, machinery, and diagnostic equipment.

  • Individuals perform hands - on repairs and maintenance on their own vehicle
  • Assistance by staff is provided for diagnosing problems
  • High tech equipment is operated by staff where required
  • You will pay a nominal fee for the use of the program
  • You will take part in all phases of maintenance on your vehicles

Safety Class

In accordance with AR 215-1, all customers must attend a mandatory safety class to use this facility. Safety classes are given Tue thru Fri at 12 noon and Saturday at 9 a.m. which last about 20 minutes. The Automotive Skills Center is a complete “hands on” automotive maintenance facility for the novice to the highly experienced mechanic. Equipped with the latest high-tech equipment, you can repair it yourself, while saving big money. Highly skilled staff members will guide you in all of your automotive maintenance needs, from oil changes and automotive air conditioning services (still stock R-12 refrigerant) to complete auto body restoration. You can learn important automotive repair skills while saving money, and in turn, have the confidence to accurately complete the task. Wheel alignment is by appointment only, and certain services can only be performed by employees.


Full Service Automotive Care

Labor rate for full service will be $80 hour plus the cost of your parts, with a minimum service charge of $25. You can bring your parts or we can have parts delivered, which ever you prefer. Full service is by appoinment, so please feel free to call and book you appointment now. Oil changes will cost $16 plus the cost of your oil and filter, you can bring oil and filter with you.

Auto Skills will not pre order any parts/oil prior to appointments due to loss revenue for no shows.

Services and Fees



Maintenance Bay (per hour)


Vehicle Lift (per hour)


Motorcycle Lift (per hour)


Vehicle Storage (Short Term- per day)


Vehicle Storage (Long Term- per month)


Tire Changer (Mount/Dismount- per tire)


Wheel Balancing (per tire/wheel)


Motorcycle Tire Balance (per tire)


Nitrogen - 4 tires






Bearing Press (per use)


Bead Blaster (per 15  min)


Welding (Gas/Elec - per 15 min)


Computer Engine Dianostics (per use)


Air Conditioning Service (per use)


Battery Charger (per use)


Engine/ Trans Table (per day)


Band Saw (per 15 min)


Metal Lathe (per hour)


Milling Machine (per hour)


Strut Compressor (per use)


On-line Computer Reference (per page)


Lock out


Battery Jump


Small Engine Repair

The Auto Skills Center is now offering small engine repair services. We have a certified small engine repair mechanic on board, that will be able to take care of all your small engine needs. From your hand held tools to your gators, we can do it all.

Prices for smaller hand held tools (trimmers, chainsaws, etc.) and push mowers will be $35 per labor hour plus the cost of parts. Larger mowers, generators, and gators will be $55 per labor hour plus the cost of parts.



Wheel Alignments and Tire Changer

Our trained Technicians will perform a mandatory inspection of your vehicles Front/Rear Suspension and Steering prior to performing any alignment correction procedures at an additional cost of $8 per inspection.

We will not align your vehicle until all suspension and steering components have been deemed serviceable by our trained technicians. Saving you money and time is what it's all about. Front Wheel Only Alignment is a mere $50 and aligning front and rear is only $60

Note: Alignments are by appointment only

We have a tire changing machine which gives us the capability of removing and installing Run Flat, Low Profile and the larger 4- wheel drive Mud Tires with ease. Tire mounting and balance is still only $9  per tire. Self-adhesive weights are extra.


Air Conditioning Check up

Don't wait until the hot weather gets here to discover your vehicle's air conditioning isn't working properly! Let the Automotive Skills Center ensure you'll have a cool ride this summer! We stock R-134a and R-12 refrigerants! No appointment necessary! Only $55! Any added refrigerant is an extra charge and by the ounce.

Automotive Computer Diagnosis

Does your Check Engine light stay lit on your dashboard and is your fuel economy suffering? With today's gasoline prices, every mile counts. Come in today and let the Auto Skills Center's trained technicians diagnose your ailing vehicle's computer! We use the top of the line, state of the art MODUS computer scanner. This service is only $27. What a Deal! No appointment necessary!

Affordable Wrecker Service

Pricing is $47 to get to where the vehicle is with the first 10 miles free in the direction you want the vehicle to go. On the 11th mile to destination, it is $2 per loaded mile. We provide on and off installation towing.  Need assistance today? Call us at +1 (256)955-7727.

Resale Lot

Need to sell a vehicle of any kind?  Our resale lot is adjacent to the commissary off of Vincent Drive.  A prime location that has proven to be successful.   Please contact us at our Auto Skills Center, Bldg 3617 Entac Circle.  All you need is proof of insurance and registration.   Our rates are only $20 a month.  If you are selling large items that need two spaces ( campers, boats, trailers) you can rent two spaces for only $30 per month.  Fees are paid a month in advance. We do not offer refunds.  Once the vehicle sells, your space is available for the next customer.

Family and MWR Car Wash

Please visit our Family and MWR Car Wash behind the Shoppette on Vincent Drive. Wash, wax, vacuum, and detail your vehicle on Redstone Arsenal for a fraction of what you would pay off post.

The Family and MWR Car Wash is open to the entire Redstone community at a much lower price than out in town! Come on by and wash your car for a mere $2 for the first 4 minutes and a low $.25 for every minute after that--what a bargain!

We also have a new Automatic Drive thru wash for your convience for the rates of:

$12 includes: Hub scrub, shampoo, Camauba wax, tri-foam, rinse, dryer


$10 includes: Hub Scrub, Shampoo, tri foam, wax, rinse


$8 includes: Shampoo, wash, wax, rinse


$6 includes: Shampoo, wash, rinse


For your convenience a double bill changer, car care vending products, two (2) vacuum islands with multi-fragrance spray machines, carpet shampooer, spot remover, and carpet guard are available.

NOTE: No excessively muddy vehicles, BBQ grills/smokers allowed.

Auto Detailing Shop

Auto Detail Shop

Now Open! Book your appointment day. Visit our Auto Detailing page for more information about out services. 


3240 Vincent Drive

Phone Number:


Hours of operations are:

Tuesday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m