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Overview of Services

The Automotive Skills Center provide facilities, tools, equipment, diagnoses, and instructions to the patron for maintenance and repair of personal motor vehicles on U.S. Army installations worldwide.

We instruct and assist in automotive maintenance and repairs from oil changes to replacing engines. Patrons pay user fees for classes and to use work bays, special use tools, machinery, and diagnostic equipment.

  • Individuals perform hands - on repairs and maintenance on their own vehicle
  • Assistance by staff is provided for diagnosing problems
  • High tech equipment is operated by staff where required
  • You will pay a nominal fee for the use of the program
  • You will take part in all phases of maintenance on your vehicles

Safety Class

In accordance with AR 215-1, all customers must attend a mandatory safety class to use this facility. Safety classes are given Tue thru Fri at 12 noon and Saturday at 9 a.m. which last about 20 minutes. The Automotive Skills Center is a complete “hands on” automotive maintenance facility for the novice to the highly experienced mechanic. Equipped with the latest high-tech equipment, you can repair it yourself, while saving big money. Highly skilled staff members will guide you in all of your automotive maintenance needs, from oil changes and automotive air conditioning services (still stock R-12 refrigerant) to complete auto body restoration. You can learn important automotive repair skills while saving money, and in turn, have the confidence to accurately complete the task. Wheel alignment is by appointment only, and certain services can only be performed by employees.