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Gifts and Donations

Thank you for considering a donation to Redstone Family and MWR! Gifts and Donations can be used in a variety of ways to enhance the quality of life for the Redstone Arsenal Community.

Below, we have listed some information regarding how to get started with your donation. Please note that this web page is in no way a solicitation of a donation. This page is only meant to aid those who wish to donate in completing the process.(

Online Donations:

Local Donations

What we need from you:

The Donation Letter (to accompany the donation) A donor submits a written offer explaining the contribution, its value, any cost to the Army, and the complete details of any conditions associated with the contribution. This offer is submitted to the installation or organization that will receive or manage the contribution. If the donor has any questions or needs assistance with identifying the applicable installation or organization, please contact the Army Gift Program Coordinator above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. I want to donate to a particular activity within Family and MWR (Examples: Arts and Crafts, Bowling, Child and Youth Services). How do I do that?
A1. If you are donating to any Family and MWR Activity, you are donating to Family and MWR first and the condition of your donation is that the donation go toward a particular activity. Just specify the activity in the "condition" portion of your donation letter (details on The Donation Letter above).

Q2. If my donation is a check to Redstone Arsenal Family and MWR, who do I make it out to?
A2. Family and MWR

Q3. How long does this take?
A3. The time frame will vary. In most cases, donations must be processed and then run through our Legal department prior to acceptance being granted. Please be patient.

Q4. My company wants to donate and wants publicity regarding this donation.
A4. Army regulation states that gifts and donations will not receive any special privileges or concessions in exchange for donations (AR 215-1 13-14). However, your company could become a sponsor and partner with Family and MWR as a part of our Corporate Sponsorship Program. These companies are eligible for publicity based on levels of support to activities and events. Please contact our Corporate Partnerships Coordinator for details.

Q5. I want to donate but I have so many questions. Who do I contact?
A5. Contact the Gifts and Donation Coordinator by clicking the email us button above.

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