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Weeden Mountain Grill


Have your banquet, tournament, or special event right here in our sidebar room! We offer a special menu for in-house functions or an early breakfast meeting that are sure to satisfy. Contact us today for details 256-842-0012.





Served on Weekends and Holidays.

Item Price
Breakfast Speical - Two eggs, toast, ham, bacon, or sausage,
and toast or biscuit
Breakfast Platter - Two eggs, ham, bacon or sausage, sos
and toast, or biscuit.
Biscuit- with ham, bacon, or sausage $2
Deluxe Biscuit- with egg, cheese, 1 meat $2.50 
Meat, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich $3.50
2 Eggs $1
Bacon or Sausage $1.50
Ham $1.75
Toast or Biscuit $1 
Grits $1 
Hash Browns $1 


Item Small Large
SOS- with toast or biscuit $2.50 $3.50
SOS- with meat- toast or biscuit $3.50 $4.50
SOS-with eggs- toast or biscuit $3 $4.50





Mixed Green Salad- Mixture of spring greens, tomatoes, cucumbers,
carrots, red cabbage, and cheese


Buffalo Chicken Salad- Chicken strips dipped in buffalo sauce served on
spring greens, w/ boiled egg and cucumbers


Club Salad- Ham, turkey, cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, egg,
and bacon bits served over spring greens


Fried Chicken Salad- 6oz fried chicken tenders served over mixed
greens with tomatoes, cucumbers, egg, and bacon bits


Black and Bleu Chicken Salad- Blackened Cajun Chicken w/ bleu
cheese crumbles served over spring greens


California Chicken Salad- Grilled Chicken w/ guacamole served over
spring greens with fresh fruit






Wraps (Ham, Chicken, Bacon, or Turkey)


California Grilled Chicken Sandwich


Black and Bleu Chicken Sandwich


Club Sandwich


Turkey Melt


Tuna Salad


Cold Sub Sandwich (Turkey or Ham)




Grilled Cheese


Fish Sandwich




Item Price
Club House Burger $5
Club House Burger with Cheese $5.50
Black and Bleu $6.50
Bacon Beast w/ American Cheese $7
Patty Melt w/ Grilled Onions $6.50
Mushroom Swiss $6.50
California Burger $6.50


Other Favorites

Item Price
Fish & Chips $7.50
Hot Wings- 8 wings (breaded or naked)
served with ranch or bleu cheese
Chicken Tenders- 4 tenders served with
honey mustard
Hot Dog $2



Item Price
Straight Cut Fries $1.75
Sweet Potato Fries $2.25
Onion Rings $2.50



Item Price
16oz Fountain $2
20oz Bottle $2.50
Sports Drink $2.50
Coffee $1
Orange Juice $1.50



Item Domestic Imported
Can $2.50  
Bottle $3 $4
16oz Draft $3 $4.25
22oz Draft $3.75 $5.25
Pitcher $10 $12


**Limited substitutions and no ½ orders

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