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Auto Detailing


3240 Vincent Drive

Phone Number:


Hours of operations are:

Monday-Saturday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. by appointment, if there are no appointments due to cancellations per weather please leave a message we will be sure to return your call and get your detail scheduled for you. 


BOOK NOW!  No need to wait, go ahead and make your appointment today! (Services are by appointment only)


It's not uncommon for more people to think car washing and car detailing are one in the same, but this is simply not true. Detailing your vehicle goes beyond a normal car wash. Auto Detailing will make your vehicle look spotlessly clean both inside and out!

Auto Detailing Services: 

Service Price
#1 Wash: Exterior Wash Only

$35 - $65
(depending on vehicle size and condition)

#2 Wash: Exterior wash, tires and wheels cleaned and dressed, "basic" vacuum, wipe/dust dash, console, door jams and door panels. Widows cleaned and wipe floor mats.  $80 - $165
(depending on vehicle size and condition)
# 3 Wash:  Exterior wash, fender wells, brake calipers, tires, suspension parts, clay bar, wax, dress tires, door jams, and plastic trim washed. Interior: thoroughly vacuum and brush carpet, air blow between and under seats, vacuum seats, air blow seams, wipe leather seats. Gentle clean and protectant all vinyl cup holders, dash, door panels, and clean all windows and rubber floor mats wiped down. $165 - $300
(depending on vehicle size and condition)
# 4 Wash:  Exterior wash, fender wells, brake caliper, tires, wheels, door and trunk jams, gas flap. Clay bar, wax, dress tires and trims. Interior: Thoroughly vacuum and shampoo seats, blow out between seats and vents, clean all vinyl, door panels, cup holders, steering wheel, apply UV protectant, shampoo floors and mats, clean and protect leather, clean all windows.  $225 - $475 (depending on vehicle size and condition)
Head light Restoration $25 - $100
Fabric Armor $50 - $125
Pet Hair Removal $55 - $135
Engine Detail $45 - $75
Rubber Floor Mats $25 - $40 EA
Leather Conditioning $100 - $200
Pulling Interiors for a deeper detail $100 - $200

Seats Only: Shampoo and Steam

Cars and Trucks

SUV - Mini Van ( 3 rows)

 $125 - $250

$200 - $325

Extreme Interiors Cleaned: 75% stained, pulling and pressure washing seats and carpets (two day minimum at for dry time)  $600 - $1200

Carpets Only:

Cars and Trucks

SUV - Mini van (3 rows)

$125 - $250

$200 - $325

Paint Correction #1: Polish and refresh paint to give a high gloss appearance and finish. This light paint correction removes up to 75% of swirls and light oxidation. Paint is protected with a high gloss nano past that last up to a year.  $150 - $300
(depending on size and condition)
Paint Correction #2:  Moderate two step compound and polish to remove 80 - 90% of moderate swirl marks, light scratches, and other moderate paint defects. 

$250 - $500
(depending on size and condition)

Paint Correction #3: Heavy compound and polish, accommodating heavy swirls, scratches, and other paint defects.  $450 -$800
Wet Sanding: For heavy neglected paints, orange peeling, and other imperfections. Only offered with Step 3 paint correction.   $200 - $250
Ceramic Coating  $800+

* $ 25 For Trash Removal

** Please remove personal items 

*** Other services and upgrades available at additional cost.

Appointments are required, please call +1(256)876-3900 to book an appointment for your vehicle. 

Auto Detail Shop hours of operations are: 

Tuesday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. ( or until details are finished) Saturday is available depending on booked appointments. 

Registration Information

Call (256)876-3900 to schedule your appointment today! 

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