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P$yFi Psychological Finance: Behavioral Tips for Financial Success

P$yFi (Psychological Finance) classes are offered the first Thursday of every month from 11 a.m. - 12 p.m. CST to examine how you think, feel, and behave with money. You can attend online through MS Teams 

7 Sep: Covering Your 6: Six Things to Know about Credit, Debt, Consolidation and Settlement
As government employees, our clearances, and therefore our choices, are under continuous evaluation. Most consumers aren't aware that you can find negative information on your credit report and quickly dispute, correct, or fix the issues YOURSELF. Before you have to stand before your security manager, stand in this class. 

5 Oct: Channel the Superhero: A PowerPay Demonstration
Debt. The kryptonite of consumerism. It can make the strongest of individuals vulnerable and susceptible to anxiety, depression, and relationship distress. BUT, we still have a superhero within that has just enough energy to make a final power play using the free PowerPay debt repayment calculator and calendar. A live demonstration and link to create an individualized plan will be provided. 

2 Nov: Holiday $urvival Guide
Office parties, community events, kids''ll have everyone yanking on your purse strings to keep pouring into the yuletide pot. Without proper planning/tracking, we're never fully prepared for the holidays' True expense. Our hearts are tugged with the old adage, "It's the season for giving." But is it really giving or wasting? This holiday season, learn how to be more intentional. 

7 Dec: Preparing for a Financial Resolution Revolution: Investing & Retirement
Let's get geared up for the new year by thinking ahead. Let's assess our financial wellbeing and create a wellbeginning plan of action. We'll assess your investment philosophy and check your knowledge on retirement goals. Many of us need more than a resolution. We need a REVOLUTION to overthrow an old way of financial thinking, making way for clarity, order, confidence, and peace of mind. 

For more information visit Financial Readiness Program

Financial Readiness Program

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