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Hunting and Fishing

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Firearms Registration 

Hunting Policy  (UPDATED)

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Redstone has implemented immediate registration of all firearms for recreational purposes. This applies to both individuals shooting skeet/trap, as well as those hunting wildlife.

To begin the process of registering your shotgun/black powder weapon for hunting, fill out the RSA Firearm Registration Form. (This has the required PII for the personal background check and the weapons information.) Bring the form directly to Provost/DES, Bldg. 3623, Gray Road. DES will then run the background check on the person and the firearms detailed, while performing the registration in COPS. The form will be returned to the customer. (form is located above)

[Normal guidance from the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center (ACJIC) is that if you are running the serial number of an item (gun, rv, boat, etc), that item must be in your possession. This rule is to verify the serial number and ensures the ability to seize the item if it has been reported stolen or used in a crime. The ACJIC agreed to allow us an exception for our weapons registration procedure, but we had to assure them we'd do what was necessary to recover any weapon the database shows as stolen or used in a crime.]

The completed MSE-RED Form 2312 will be returned to the customer by DES. In addition, DES will issue a "Provost Marshals Office Redstone Arsenal Weapon Permit", which is valid for 14 months. This weapon permit will be used to declare shotguns/muzzleloaders at the gate.

Archery equipment including crossbows do not have to be registered with the Provost Marshall on post at this time. However, in order to bring all bows and crossbows onto post, the user must have an active access to post and a current "bow permit." Bow permits are issued at Outdoor Recreation during normal operating hours. This same permit must be used each time the bow is brought onto post by declaring the weapon at the gate.

FYI: The guards no longer accept hunting permits or trap/skeet/archery permits as declaration for firearms/black powder as of the 2013 hunting season.  Hunting permits are sold only to those only with registered weapons.

For more information, call Outdoor Recreation at +1(256) 876-4868.


Items required to hunt on Redstone Arsenal (hunters must have items 1-4 before they can purchase a Redstone Permit)

Alabama State Hunting License

1. Alabama State Hunting License for appropriate game

2. Any State's Hunter Education Certificate (more information can be found regarding local classes at Outdoor Alabama)

3. Redstone Arsenal Hunting Orientation (Per garrison commander, everyone must view virtual class (see listing below). On-line renewals are no longer allowed.)

4. Redstone Arsenal Weapon Permit for all shotguns and muzzleloaders.

5. RSA Hunting Permit - $50/ Active Duty.  $75/ Retirees.  $100/All Others 65+ Free

All persons hunting on Redstone Arsenal must have completed a state-approved hunter education course. For information on courses offered in this area call 1-800-245-2740 (Education Co-coordinator).

2022-23 Hunting Orientations will be on our Facebook Page, Redstone MWR beginning 25 August at 4:30



Three fishing areas on Redstone:

1. Carroll D. Hudson Recreation Area (open 7 days/week)

2. Easter Posey Recreation Area (open 7 days/week)

3. Bradford Sinks Pond (Must sign out through Outdoor Recreation on open weekend days)

All other ponds are closed, as they have been tested by the Environmental Management Division and found unsafe. For this reason, fishing is not allowed at Finance, Thiokol, and Area 48 North and South.

To fish on any of the above three areas on Redstone you must have the following: An Alabama State Fishing permit. No RSA Outdoor Recreation permit is required.

Bradford Sign-Out Procedures

On weekends, Bradford Sinks may be opened by Range Control. Call Outdoor Recreation on Fridays or view the Hunting Range Report to find out if they will be open that weekend. Each fisherman MUST sign out through ODR into the area; upon leaving the range, forms must be returned to ODR for review.