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Redstone Reminders/FAQs

  • Before coming in for your permit, all firearms and pellet rifles you intend to hunt with must be registered at Redstone DES (archery not required)
  • Cell phone numbers on record are imperative and are required to hunt on Redstone. If your number changes even for a day please indicate it on your dash placard and contact ORC staff +1(256)876-4868
  • Always declare your weapon at the gate and present your hunting permit with your ID
  • Dash placard must be filled out completely and placed on your dash in plain view before heading into the woods
  • Please, if at all possible, parallel park on the side of the road you are hunting. Backing and nosing into the tree lines makes it difficult for authorities to identify you as a non threat.
  • If the road doesn't have a name, park and walk into the area. Do not make your own path, avoid blocking gates
  • Remember the three R's if you encounter a possible UXO...
    Recognize, Retreat and Report to DES +1(256)876-2222
  • A cap and vest with a minimum of 500 square inches is required during Deer and Turkey season. They can be removed when you've climbed into a tree or enter a blind.
  • Scouting is permitted during daylight hours only. Those wishing to scout will process through Outdoor Recreation.
  • Scouting and dog training ends once archery season starts. If you want to learn Redstone take up squirrel hunting.
  • Game cameras are forbidden on post, so please leave them at home
  • All hunters will observe a minimum of 300 feet from buildings, main roads and Redstone boundaries
  • Any type of bait or attractant, to include salt and mineral rocks is strictly prohibited
  • No more than 4 dogs in the field at a time. If you are separated from your beloved dog and you must give up the search notify ORC and the Game Warden. 
  • Hunters will not enter another area in "Hot Pursuit" without changing areas with HUNTRAC and clearing their movements with the Game Warden
  • Take ground blinds and tree stands with you at the end of your hunt, areas close without warning and it could be a long wait to retrieve your belongings
  • Guest and dependants under 18 yrs must be accompanied by their sponsors and remain in the same hunting area
  • Many hunting areas change from gun to archery on weekdays, pay attention to the "Weapons Allowed" section of your dash placard before choosing an area.
  • If you have harvested an antlered deer or a turkey, you must record it on your harvest sheet before you can move or field dress. All harvested game must be recorded at ORC before you leave post.
  • The game shed is there for your use but you must clean up after yourself. A visit from post health and safety can shut it down
  • All hunters must clear HUNTRAC by 30 minutes past sunset. If you're tracking an animal or "Just haven't made it out of the woods yet," ORC still needs to hear from you to make arrangements. Staff will not leave until everyone is accounted for.
  • HUNTRAC is a 24 hour call in system. Please keep in mind that Active Duty have and deserve priority until 1800 each day then other statuses. If you are not Active Duty and have called into the system prior to your allotted time, you will be contacted by the Game Warden
  • There is no hunting or scouting on Tuesdays or Wednesdays!